Helping Girls Live Without Limits

Her mother never learned to read, but that’s not stopping Ganga and her three sisters from going to school and dreaming big.

We Must Rebuild

Repairing lives and rebuilding schools after the earthquake will take years. We are committed to restoring our communities.

A Quality School Means More Than You Know

By nurturing learning and inspiring students and their teachers, we’re helping Nepali children expand their possibilities.

In rural Nepal, girls face an uphill climb. But now she can read.

Help us get more girls like her in school

In rural Nepal, life isn’t easy. But now they can go to school.

Help us improve their classrooms

In rural Nepal, change comes slowly. But they will overcome the odds.

Help us give them a chance for a better life

In rural Nepal, you can make a difference.

Are you ready for the best experience of your life?